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New omikron virus detected in Sweden - Radio Sweden in Easy Swedish

New omikron virus detected in Sweden – Radio Sweden in Easy Swedish

Yesterday, the Swedish Public Health Agency reported that the first case of the Omicron virus had been found in Sweden. It is about a person from Skåne, who recently visited South Africa. The same person tested a week ago, and now it turns out to be a variant of Omicron.

Over the weekend, several cases of omicron were detected in different parts From the world, including the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. Many countries are concerned that infections will increase. Therefore, several countries have closed their borders in an attempt to stop the infection.

There is not much information yet about the new omikron virus. Researchers are now working to try to understand the virus. It is important to know whether omicron is more contagious and whether it makes people sicker.

Andreas Bråve works for the Swedish Public Health Agency. He says it’s hard to tell how dangerous the omikron virus is.

– We don’t know much about this variant. We don’t know if it causes more serious disease. There are not many cases yet.

Ulrika Björkstén works for Swedish Radio and she is Science expert. She says Omicron has had mild symptoms so far. But it’s hard to know for sure. So far, most young people have been tested. They usually don’t get very sick from covid-19, says Ulrika Björkstén.

– There were mild symptoms. But it is difficult to draw conclusions from that also, since it is mainly young people who are affected, there are not many cases of older people affected by this variant.

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