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New Banknotes to King Charles in Great Britain

New Banknotes to King Charles in Great Britain

For more than 60 years, Queen Elizabeth has appeared on British currency, but now it's time for new notes with portraits of King Charles.

The denominations adorning Charles III are the new £5, £10, £20 and £50 notes.

Have a personal portrait

When the portrait for the banknotes was planned, King Charles had a clear vision.

– He wears no regalia, no crown on him. Petra Nordlund McGahn says it was her own choice.

– Raja wanted it to be a simple and personal film that would appeal to people. A small way to revive the monarchy, says Petra Nordlund McGahn.

Notes should be same

However, references to more than half a century with Queen Elizabeth should not be dismissed. But they continue to be used at the same time as new currency notes are introduced.

– They flow. Queen Elizabeth, Petra Nordlund McGahn owns billions of rupee notes.

– Banknotes with Elizabeth should be replaced only when they become very old and very worn. This is for environmental reasons. Raja is very environmentally conscious, Petra continues.

Rush to the bank

Therefore, the Bank of England is expected to see a throng of people as the notes are released for public viewing today.

– People can come and exchange old currency notes for new rupees. But three hundred pounds is the maximum you can carry in old banknotes, says Petra Nordlund at McGahn Nightheadsmarken.

– It is done for a certain period of time in a week. So more currency notes will not come out, says Petra.

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For collectors and other interested parties, some notes will be auctioned off this summer.

– These are actually banknotes with lower serial numbers. Petra Nordlund McGahon concludes that the money will then go to charity.

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