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Netanyahu: Biden fell asleep during a meeting

Netanyahu: Biden fell asleep during a meeting

The meeting between President Joe Biden and the new Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett took place at the end of August. In a video clip from the meeting, which has made headway on social media, Biden is seen with his head bowed – as if he’s asleep.

The clip was later found to be misleading, as the audio was cut from Biden’s voice and his portion of the conversation with Bennett.

However, this does not prevent former Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from attacking President Biden.

pretend to sleep

In a video posted by Netanyahu on his Facebook page, he indicates that Joe Biden has already fallen asleep, according to him Reuters, which reads from the video where an out-of-picture sound was first heard:

– As you know, Bennett met Biden.

Netanyahu responds:

– Yes, I heard he was very attentive. Netanyahu said, among other things, that he lowered his head in support.

And then he dropped his head as if he was passing fast asleep.

While the clip was only a fraction of the 26-minute-long video that Netanyahu posted, it left many Israeli media outlets stunned. Many thought it was an apparent mockery of Netanyahu, who has been a close ally of Biden’s political opponent, Donald Trump.

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