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"Navi 24 is mainly for laptops"

“Navi 24 is mainly for laptops”

Earlier this week, AMD released the Radeon RX 6500 XT, which the company says is a “great” graphics card for 1080p gaming. With the result in hand, it just wasn’t right, as the limited memory capacity of 4GB, a 64-bit memory bus and only four PCI Express 4.0 channels made the graphics card totally lose it at only 1080p.

SweClocker’s conclusion was shared by the rest of the media, who are almost unanimously negative about the RX 6500 XT being or not a gaming graphics card. The fact that the graphics circuit still exists can be justified for portable and that’s something an AMD employee is now commenting on on their Linux oriented site Voronex.

The primary use of the Navi24 will be in laptops paired with a Rembrandt APU (Ryzen 6000 / reds. anm), which has full video functionality and Gen4 PCIE. – John Bridgeman, Introduction to New Product Software-arkitekt (NPI SW) hos AMD.

In one of the posts, a forum member wonders why AMD chose to significantly reduce the video, which only supports video decoding and does not support encoding at all, and that the decision hurts “in the head”. In response, an AMD software engineer wrote that the graphics circuit used, the Navi 24, is primarily intended for laptops paired with the “Rembrandt” generation processor in the Ryzen 6000 series, whose integrated graphics portion contains missing video functionality.

The remaining video block in the Navi 21 graphic circuit provides support for decoding, that is, internal acceleration, for many coding In VP9, ​​H.264 and H.265 format. What’s missing is AV1, which is a license-free alternative to H.265 and a successor to VP9 from Google. What is remarkable in this context is that Youtube is gradually switching from videos in VP9 to AV1 only.

Is support for both video encoding and decoding important to you when buying a new graphics card?

Read the SweClocker test for the Radeon RX 6500 XT:

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