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NASA: Sea level rise is not ready in London

NASA: Sea level rise is not ready in London

This week, the British Environmental Protection Agency issued a dramatic warning to “embrace or die”.

“Schools, homes and hospitals are in danger,” warns London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

London is low, the water flow comes from three directions – heavy rain, flow and from the sea. Areas like Kings Cross, Hockney, Hammersmith and Elephant and Fort are the most dangerous. New predictions of rising sea levels in the IPCC’s latest summary from August 9 show that London is particularly vulnerable.

– In the UK, there will be hot winters with high humidity, and more and more rain, and if a storm comes, it will have a big impact on a city like London, says Simon McCarthy, a researcher at the University of Middlesex.

Flood alarm on mobile

He and his research colleagues are working on projects on how to transform London, including mobile phones, better-equipped rainwater networks, waterproof doors and, in the long run, eviction of basement apartment dwellers.

What threatens the city of millions is that the dams of the Thames may burst, but the ancient rainwater network could not withstand the rain. For a few days in July, London was hit by rain for a few days as much as you normally would in a month. Eight tunnels had to be shut down and two hospitals had to be closed. Among other things, the ancient Portobello road was flooded and many shops and apartments were completely destroyed.

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His apartment was completely damaged in the flood. Photo: Jrn van Tomme / SVT

Last week, the British Environmental Protection Agency summed up how uncomfortable Britain is to cope with changing weather with drought, heat waves and floods. The catastrophe that struck Germany this summer could happen here as well.

Emma Howard Boyd, president of the British Environmental Organization, said, “It’s a matter of adaptation or dying.”

The water level in the Thames rose

Their studies show that between 1911 and 2008 the water level of the Thames continued to rise by 15 centimeters.

But the British, who will soon be hosting the Global Climate Summit in Glasgow, are determined to adapt London and other parts of the country to the new climate.

– We are not ready to give up London, many activities are planned. The only problem is that the IPCC’s latest package has shown us just how urgent it is, says Simon McCarthy.

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