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Mountaineers have found a gem treasure in Mont Blanc

Puzzle: Two plane crashes – a million tax

The young Frenchman had to climb Mont Blanc.

But on the way, he found a treasure:

A box of jewels from a plane crash 55 years ago.

As a bonus, the mountaineer now receives half of the gem, which is worth a total of 3 million Swedish kronor.

The highest peak of Mont Blanc is 4,807 above sea level.
The highest peak of Mont Blanc is 4,807 above sea level.

Planet and Boeing 707, Air India Flight 101, it was on the usual route from Bombay to London.

But this morning, January 24, 1966, something terrible went wrong.

The experienced pilot thought that he had overtaken Mont Blanc, Albarnas The highest peak, and the descent began to stop for the third time, in Geneva, Switzerland.

But he was wrong.

Planet Mills

The plane headed directly to the top of the mountain at an altitude of 4800 meters – if the pilot had driven 15 meters to the side, the plane would have been able to pass.

Now it has been crushed.

All 106 passengers and 11 crew members died instantly.

An Air India plane of the same type as the 1966 crash.

An engine believed to have come from Air India Flight 101 that crashed in 1966.

On the southwestern side of the mountain, about 427 meters from the summit, the rescue forces found scattered wreckage – nothing could be determined except for some letters and beams.

But – someone on the plane had a metal box containing jewels with him. Rubies, emeralds and sapphires worth three million kronor.

For years, the chest was hidden – and forgotten – in the largest glacier on Mont Blanc, not far from the crater formed upon collapse. In the snow and icy cold, but she is completely intact.

Until a young French mountaineer literally found him.

Bosson glacier near Chamonix. This is where the debris melts.

Flagged as “Air India”

The box is marked with the Air India logo.

When the climber descended again, he left it to the police, who tried to track down the owner of the valuables.

But in vain – the rightful owners of the gems were not found.

Now the mountaineer handed over half the jewels, because he was the one who found them. The second brochure is, according to French law, the municipality of Chamonix, which owns the Beausonne glacier, where the chest was found.

Chamonix bookkeeper Eric Fournier thanks the young mountaineer, who wishes to remain anonymous, for his “integrity,” writes Watchman.

The inventor had previously told the French newspaper Le Parisiene that he does not regret being honest and delivered in the casket.

He will use some of the 1.5 million Swedish kronor worth of jewels to renovate his apartment.

The wreckage of Flight 101 remains in Mont Blanc.

A wreck half hidden in the snow on the slope of Mont Blanc.

I found the mail bag

In 2008, another mountaineer found some Indian newspaper, dated January 23, 1966, at the site.

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In August, four years later, a mountain savior found a jute sack with a diplomatic post on it. The bag was handed over to the police, and then flown back to India, in the arms of the son of RC Baruah, who was an aircraft mechanic on the wrecked plane.

A little more than fifteen years ago, on November 3, 1950, another Air India plane crashed in almost the same place on the same glacier at Mont Blanc. Then, however, 47 people.

Timothée Mottin found the newspapers in the glacier.