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More than 900 people were found dead outside Kyiv

More than 900 people were found dead outside Kyiv

The dead were left on the streets of cities and towns outside the capital, said Kyiv regional police chief Andrei Nepetov. It is believed that most of them were shot dead.

– During the Russian occupation, people were simply executed in the streets, he said.

According to the police chief, more bodies are found with each passing day. Most of the dead have so far been found in Botja, where photos of the dead on the city’s streets reached the world a few weeks ago.

Russian forces are currently preparing to launch a new offensive in the eastern part of Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry also said attacks on Kyiv would be escalated. The letter is related to the fact that Russia claimed that it had suffered “sabotage on Russian soil”.

According to the Russian Ministry, there was an attack on a “military” factory in the outskirts of Kyiv on Friday night. The plant produces robots that the Ukrainian countries used in the attack on the Russian flagship of Moscow, which sank in the Black Sea days ago.

“They (Russia) want to hold us responsible for destroying Moscow,” Andrei Sizov, who works near the factory, told AFP.

Russia admitted that it was burned on board the ship and sank in a storm when it was towed towards a port, but did not admit that it was attacked.

Ukraine, for its part, claimed to have attacked the robotic cruiser on Wednesday.

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