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More than 70 percent chance of getting a majority for Boris Johnson's party

More than 70 percent chance of getting a majority for Boris Johnson’s party

On Thursday the 12th of December, UK citizens go to the polls. According to the odds from Unibet, the Conservative Party will be the biggest winner in the election.

The incumbent Prime Minister Boris Johnson will remain in office after the new elections in the United Kingdom. The odds that Johnson will be named prime minister after the election are low at 1.20, compared to Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn at 4.75.

The conservative conservatives also seem to succeed in securing a single majority in Parliament. Because they need to win 326 places. Just over a month ago, the odds indicated that no party would win a majority. But the situation changed and the only majority became Conservatives at a low of 1.25, which corresponds to a probability of 73.5 percent compared to the other results.

One reason for the declining odds for the Conservatives may be that Brexit, which became the largest party in the European Union parliamentary elections this spring, announced that it would not run in constituencies where they risked competing with Johnson’s party, says Henrik Holm. , Unibet gaming expert.

The Conservative Party’s only majority will also change the playing field when it comes to Brexit, and for now the odds (1.44) are that the UK will leave the EU before February 1, 2020.

Unibet political controversies in the UK elections 2019

Appointed prime minister candidate
Boris Johnson 1.20
Jeremy Corbyn 4.75.1
Joe Swenson 51.00.0000

The party that has the only majority of seats
Conservative 1.25 (73.5%)
No 4.00 majority (23%)
Employment 31.00 (3%)

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The party that wins the most seats
Governors 1.03
Work 15.00
Liberals Democrats 101.0
Brexit Party 501.0.0
Greens 501.0

Action – share sounds
More than 33.5 1.90
Under 33.5 1.80

Governors – share votes
More than 42.5 1.90
Under 42.5 1.80

The UK will leave the European Union by 1/2 2020
Yes 1.44
No. 2.60

Watch the updated possibilities:

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