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More than 160 million global research papers on HPV in girls and women

More than 160 million global research papers on HPV in girls and women

The five-year study will provide knowledge that can be used when implementing intervention programs and when prioritizing research and development efforts regarding HPV.

HPV is a sexually transmitted infection that can cause cervical cancer. HPV vaccines have been available since 2006, but less than 15 percent of girls and women in the world are fully vaccinated, and coverage is even lower in low- and middle-income countries.

The study was led by the International Vaccine Institute (IVI), which recently He set up an office in StockholmIn collaboration with researchers from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), Department of Global Public Health At KI, partner institutions are in three countries in South Asia (Bangladesh, Nepal, and Pakistan) and five countries in sub-Saharan Africa (DRC, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, and Zambia).

The project will focus on the global burden of HPV among girls and women aged 9–50 years in countries that currently have no limited data or that have not yet implemented national HPV vaccination programs or where implementation of such programs has been limited. . It will also include qualitative substudies led by KI’s research team to further understand how gender equality, including the empowerment of girls and women, affects HPV prevention, screening and access to treatment.

Gender inequality is a persistent obstacle

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