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More sanctions are expected to be imposed on Belarus

More sanctions are expected to be imposed on Belarus

During the summer, large numbers of migrants and asylum seekers, mostly from Asia and Africa, arrived at the border area between Belarus and the European Union countries Poland, Latvia and Lithuania.

A purely hybrid attack, according to the EU, which claims that Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko in principle imports migrants in order to send them to the border to put pressure on the EU.

hybrid attack

When the EU foreign ministers meet in Luxembourg, more measures against the regime in Belarus are now called for.

Lukashenko still uses immigrants to launch a hybrid attack. We should think about increasing pressure on the so-called tourism sector, says Latvian Foreign Minister Edgar Rinkevix on his way to the meeting.

“Tourism sector” means companies involved in arranging trips to Belarus that are suspected of bringing migrants into the country. Rinkefix also wants to impose “full” penalties on state airline Belavia.

– So that they do not receive any technical support, there are no connecting flights or anything, says the Latvian Foreign Minister.

“I know who they are”

Fellow Gabrielius Landsbergis from neighboring Lithuania is also on the same page.

We must send a message to airlines that bring people from another country to Belarus that “we have them on the radar, we see them and what they are doing is not good.” We know which companies they are on and which capitals they travel from, says Landsbergis from Luxembourg.