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More iPhone 14 and 14 Pro users are reporting rapid battery declines

More iPhone 14 and 14 Pro users are reporting rapid battery declines

Rapid reduction of battery life and battery health

Rapidly dropping battery level has become a familiar sight for an increasing number of iPhone 14 Pro users.

The iPhone 14 Pro has an improved camera and a new dynamic island in the screen, but it also seems to have significant battery problems, something that has become increasingly apparent lately.

Almost a year after its release, the iPhone 14 Pro has significantly worse battery life and significantly reduced battery capacity, compared to previous iPhone models. The undersigned can see it on the Iphone 14 Pro that we use daily and it can be seen in more and more reports from users all over the world.

In social media as well as in various forums, there are more and more reports of seemingly inexplicable battery drain on the iPhone 14 Pro, without the system being able to indicate which application might be the cause. Meanwhile, we can see iOS reporting battery health at 87 percent, which is a rapid drop in capacity in the 11 months it’s had.

Replacing the battery in the iPhone 14 Pro at Apple costs 1,345 SEK. On the other hand, if you have Applecare Plus, you’ll get a free battery replacement if the capacity drops below 80 percent. Mobil has contacted Apple of Sweden for comment.

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