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More and more refugees are crossing the English Channel

More and more refugees are crossing the English Channel

At least 430 refugees crossed the English Channel on Monday and reached Britain. According to the country’s interior ministry, this is an unprecedented daily quote. In a statement, they said they would now “take significant steps to address the unacceptable problem of illegal immigration.”

The group, which included women and children, arrived in the UK after eight boats with 241 people arrived in the country on Sunday. So far this year, about 8,000 people have crossed the English Channel with about 345 boats. Earlier, in September 2020, 416 people were quoted daily.

In a statement, Home Minister Priti Patel has promised to make the English Channel “essential” under the new law, saying it is a crime to knowingly enter the UK without permission. The fine is intended to be up to four years in prison.

Protection of French beaches

To keep undocumented refugees out of border, Britain is now committed to paying SEK 55 million to French border patrols. The agreement is expected to double the number of police patrolling French shores for the second time this year, the interior ministry said.

In addition to the police, there will be expanded patrols in some parts of the northern French coast, increasing surveillance to prevent refugees from crossing the canal, including air surveillance and additional investments to strengthen the border. These efforts are expected to be introduced within the next few days.

The law and contract met with criticism. A spokesman for Amnesty International told the BBC that the law did not apply to human traffickers and that it was a “very ruthless and dangerous response.”

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