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Monster Hunter Rising to PC January, Steam Show in 2 Weeks

Monster Hunter Rising to PC January, Steam Show in 2 Weeks

to me Monster Hunter Rise Coming to PC We were already told at the beginning of the year. And now Capcom has clarified when the time comes: On January 12, 2022, the Nintendo Switch exclusive Monster Slayer will be released for PC.

But already in a couple of weeks, a glimpse is given of what awaits: a demo will be released on Steam On October 13th.

And next summer, the expansion will be launched Sunrise Simultaneously to switch and PC. Here’s how it looks:

Monster Hunter Rise advances the series by introducing many new and exciting mechanisms for hunters to master. For the first time in a Monster Hunter game, Wire-based wrestling moves can be performed using ‘Wirebug’ while standing or in midair, adding a whole new level of aerial maneuverability to hunting and attack strategies. In addition, the game debuted “Wyvern Riding” technology, which allows players to temporarily control the beast and give amazing battle sequences while hunting. Monster Hunter Rise also introduces new hunting partners called Palamutes, which are personal and rideable “Canyne” companions, which will provide players with a new set of attack options. “Canyne” Palamute’s companions join Palicoes’ favorite series “Felyne” in helping players while hunting.

FZ . Frederic Ericsson Bonus Monster Hunter Rise With a fixed fourth in degrees.

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