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Mitsubishi's new Ralliart was the makeup of the Outlander.  Yes

Mitsubishi’s new Ralliart was the makeup of the Outlander. Yes

One month ago, Mitsubishi started rolling out a new concept from Ralliart. Exciting of course, but that excitement faded pretty quickly when rumors started that it was an Outlander she was about. Sometimes it’s sad when the rumors are true because of course they were, and here it is – Vision Ralliart Concept.

In terms of looks, the car gets a darker look with 22-inch wheels, an expansion kit, a crisper skirt package throughout, and a large diffuser and brake light that sits right in the middle of this. Unfortunately, we have not received any photos of the inside. Mitsubishi says the car got more power, sportier all-wheel drive and a bigger battery, but it’s stingy with numbers. You must also have tinkered with the chassis and brakes in order to deliver a sportier driving experience.

So far it’s just a concept but could become a reality if enough people wanted it.

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