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Messy boy dressed up – British anger at commercials – QX

The commercial, which is supposed to remind you to get home insurance, shows a nine-year-old Reggie Parker Dancing at home to the tunes Stevie Nicks edge of seventeen While he is tearing things up and messing up. Complaints after the movie with the name let life, during the famous baking program Great British Bread (British equivalent of Baked all over Sweden) is about everything from the man being sexualized in make-up and that a man shouldn’t wear a dress, and through that portraying a patriarchal style as a man who destroys without caring for the women around him, to that he is a bully and a spoiler.

Now Reggie Parker’s mom rides Toxic From the Daily Mail.

– I was shocked because she created so many accounts. It’s funny…how can anyone get upset and upset over something so amusing and innocent?
– I’ve read comments from people with downright values ​​who don’t want to see a man in a dress and I see ridiculous comments saying his behavior is corrupt and destructive – so it’s a home insurance commercial!

Sam Parker continues:
– But what disgusts me are the people who say the ad sexualizes Reggie, as he wears lipstick and makes “provocative” dance moves. If you see anything sexual in this commercial with such a young boy, you’re the one in trouble!

Sam Parker also shouts at those who think a man should play soccer and not dance in a dress.
– He also plays football. He loves to dress up and dance in the streets.

The mother concludes by saying that she is proud of her son, who worked and earned his own money.
John Lewis later expressed his grief over the negative reactions the film received and said that they support Reggie and his mother after the negative reaction. But they insist that children should be allowed to have fun and that the ad portrays just that.

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