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Mercedes hann före Tesla – rattsurfa och se film lagligt

Mercedes had a time before Tesla – the steering wheel is legally surfing and watching movies

Mercedes has become the world’s first with a self-driving system where you can leave the wheel and engage in something other than driving.
German authorities approved a Level 3 autonomy system.
But so far, only the motorway is allowed at speeds up to 60 km / h.

Tesla and Elon Musk have claimed in several places that their cars will be completed soon Self-driving with a complete self-driving system. But so far, the situation is paid in the United States and the driver must be fully attentive to driving and ready to take on the task.

Mercedes has opted to have the lidar sensors in the grille, unlike Volvo which puts them on the roof. Photo: Mercedes

Mercedes has now caught up to Tesla with a Level 3 autonomous system that has been approved by the authorities. With Mercedes Drive Pilot, you can watch a movie or browse on your mobile phone while the car takes over all the driving. Mercedes is the world’s first with a government approved system.

Works on the highway

To date, the system has been approved for use at a distance of 1,319 kilometers on the highway and not more than 60 kilometers per hour. German legal requirements have so far set a limit on high speeds.

The system is activated by buttons on the steering wheel. Photo: Mercedes

Autonomy is divided into six levels: with zero, the driver has complete control over the car, with five, full autonomy is possible. Then you just set the address and the car should be able to drive completely without a driver.

It is activated on the steering wheel

With the Mercedes Level 3 system, you activate the Drive Pilot with a button on the steering wheel. Then the car maintains the correct speed and stays on the correct lane. It can also give way to stationary cars in front of the coil. The laws do not yet allow the car to change lanes themselves.

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Changing lanes on a regular basis is not legal, but the car can give way to stationary cars and then go in reverse. Photo: Mercedes

The system is initially available as an option on the Mercedes S-Class and EQS. It has a lidar system Similar to what Volvo will offer at the beginning of next year. The lidar system measures distance and speed to other vehicles using laser pulses. Tesla has chosen to get rid of the infected, and Elon Musk claims the camera offers just as much safety.

Moisture sensor on the steering wheel

Mercedes also has a rear window camera to track traffic in the rear, microphones to detect sirens, and a humidity sensor in the cockpit that senses wet or slippery road conditions.

For a start, there is a pilot engine in the Mercedes S-Class and EQS. Photo: Mercedes

The system works with a 3D map to which the vehicle is connected. The map and vehicle data are compared and the computer calculates how to drive the vehicle in the safest way. The car has many redundant braking, steering and grid systems on board.

Coming in more countries

Germany is the first country to have Drive Pilot approved. Mercedes is now working to get it approved in more countries. Driving trials in the United States and China are in full swing.