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Melancholy prognosis - no dose 1 vaccine

Melancholy prognosis – no dose 1 vaccine

It is now clear that the Västra Götaland region will receive 76,700 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19 for vaccinators in Week 22, according to a press release. But the majority of doses will go to those who have already received their first dose. This means that only 16,400 people can receive their first dose in the region next week.

It is a difficult time for everyone who is waiting for a vaccine, but we must make sure that those who have received one dose also receive the second dose, says Christine Regie, vaccination coordinator for the Västra Götaland region in the press release.

So far, 40 percent of the area’s population has received the first dose and twelve percent for the second.

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No vaccine for Dose 1

Vaccinating the entire population in a short time at the same time when the vaccine supply is low, puts real pressure on the entire system, from vaccinators ready to be vaccinated to the population waiting for their vaccination. It is important for everyone to have an understanding and patience for the situation we are in, says Christine Regie.

On June 8, the district expects to be able to offer an appointment for those born in 1976 and earlier.

We expect to have come far enough in Group 50+ to be able to move forward. But there will still be intense pressure and a deficiency in the vaccine for Dose 1, so you have to accept that not everyone will have time in the first week but we will remain at that level for a while, says Christine Regie in the press release.

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This is how the vaccine doses are distributed at Week 22 in Västra Götaland

Approved recipients: 7,000 doses 1 and 500 doses 2

Care Choice Health Center: 7700 doses 1 and 55800 doses 2

Hospital 1700 with dose 1 and 4000 doses 2

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