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Megan doesn't make peace with her dad despite having a stroke

Megan doesn’t make peace with her dad despite having a stroke

last week Thomas Markle fell When he was out shopping. Senior expert Tom Power spoke to him after the fall.

– He’s a man who already had heart problems and was not feeling well, Bauer tells Good Morning Britain.

Thomas Markle was taken to a hospital in Tijuana, Mexico, on Monday. He is said to have suffered a severe stroke that left him unable to speak. Thomas Markle is now receiving care at a hospital in Chula Vista, California.

– My father is recovering in the hospital. We ask for calm and tranquility for the family due to his health condition. He needs peace and comfort. Pray for him, he just needs a rest, says Thomas Markle’s daughter Samantha daily Mail.

He was to travel to Britain next week to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s accession to the throne.

– Was really looking forward to coming to London for the platinum anniversary celebration, says Tom Power.

Thomas Markle called Harry ‘snowrang’ and ‘idiot’

Thomas Markle no longer has any contact with his daughter Meghan. Meghan and Harry were outraged that Thomas Markle sold his photos to paparazzi before the couple’s wedding in 2018.

– I said he was the only one telling the truth so we could help, but my dad couldn’t do that, Megan said when Oprah Winfrey gave her an interview last year, according to HuffPost.

Thomas Markle, who has called Harry “the idiot” and “the idiot”, blames the prince for his separation from his daughter.

Is it really too late for Harry to leave what happened behind and reach out to Thomas Markle in the hospital? I don’t believe in that. And if he doesn’t, he may regret it.” Writes Court expert Richard Kay.

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One of Kay’s classmates says Meghan “can’t win whatever she does in this situation” and that even though her father has had a stroke, she won’t learn how to make peace with him.

It would be an opportunity for them to make peace, but this is an impossible situation for her because she believes he could use a potential meeting for his own gain, says court expert Ingrid Seward daily entertainment.

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