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Max Verstappen took the lead again after the victory

Max Verstappen leads the World Cup in Formula 1.

He is a Dutch G.P.

World Cup in Formula 1
Max Verstappen now has seven wins this year (DT)

Max Verstappen took the lead in his own race at Sandwart from the start, although it was a strategically interesting race, he controlled the race until the final. Mercedes was tested with two different starters, one for Louis Hamilton and one for Valteri Potas, but could not intimidate Verstappen on his way home.

– Expectations were very high before the race and it is not easy to meet them later. I am very excited about the win and the lead in the championship. It’s fantastic, Verstappen’s excitement after the season’s seventh win.

Even at the World Cup in Formula 1

He conceded a tough race, especially strategically, as Mercedes kept two cars ahead, while he kept his teammate back on the field.

– The start was very important and Mercedes tried to harden us, but we were always able to respond to their attacks, in which we should be very happy, says Verstaben.

Hamilton finished second in the Dutch GB, and also caught the fastest lap, while colleague Potas took third place in the race where all the drivers (Pierre Kesley) rotated from four photos.

Congratulations Max, I did everything I could, but they were better than us. Hamilton says it was difficult because there was so much traffic on the track and it was hard to keep in touch with Max.

After 13 of 22 races Verstappen now leads the World Cup with three points more than many champion Lewis Hamilton. Here is the result of the Netherlands GB.

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Quick news from Zandvoort

Never count against Fernando Alonso. At the end of the match, Spinard finished sixth in his alpine, beating Ferrari’s Carlos Sine, and again he was the best on the team. Sandwort is further proof that Alonso is involved in F1. Despite Okan’s success this year, he is now ahead of his teammate Estephan Okan in the World Cup table.

Red Bull confirmed that Sergio Perez had got his fourth machine in the race that day. A large number of parts were replaced and Perez, who failed in the qualifying exams, started from the depot, but he managed to drive 12 places. The most important thing for Red Bull is that the engine is being modified to attack and support Perez Max Verstappen in the fight for the World Cup. He needs Mercedes ‘points to help Verstappen in the battle for the drivers’ world championship and at the same time to give the brand points in the battle for the world championship.

Italian GB – new breed

Now another racing week awaits. As usual, the blog is updated daily, so you can visit once a day to see the latest talk and news. Now one of my personal preferences, Italy GB in Monza is waiting. At this point, extra points are at stake, and it’s time for the F1 sprint again.

The first Sprint was operated in the UK and you can read more about that regulation here.

Uncertain whether we will see Kimi Raikkonen next week. He was out this weekend due to Govt-19.

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IndyCar again next week. Of course you can read about two Swedish stars on the blog here.

Don’t miss it.

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