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Markus Wallmann talks about Bergsåker’s multiple Grand Prix · Latest news about the canter · The trotting tour

Markus Wallmann talks about Bergsåker’s multiple Grand Prix · Latest news about the canter · The trotting tour

For several weeks, a so-called temporary grand prix adjustment meant that pennies were collected for the V75 round on Saturday at Bergsåker. It was SEK 33.7 million total in the bowl at ATG, at one press releaseReport a surprise. An additional amount of SEK 13 million has been added.

– Money is money that has been withheld over time from accounts where we have determined that players have violated our game rules. We think this is a good opportunity to allow our other clients the opportunity to participate in these funds, he says run out JohanssonATG’s betting director of things in the press release.

Collaboration in an unauthorized manner

tutu head Marcus Wellman Evolve to Trotroronden:

– You could say it’s about money that’s been around for a number of years in the longer cases. We’ve seen some people illegally team up and play more systems than they are allowed to. It was the continuity of cooperation that made us realize it, he says.

Highest gains on a V75 ever:

  1. 67312633 SEK, 27 February 2010, Akcevala.

  2. 56,347,408 SEK, January 14, 2012, OBI.

  3. 47,360,999 SEK, July 7, 2007, Halmstad.

  4. 45,285,093 SEK, 24 June 2007, Kalmar.

  5. 43,058,556 SEK, December 10, 2016, Farestad.

Thus, the money does not come from a specific event or tour or was reported in the media, but has been accumulated over time.

The violations have not been prosecuted

How long can you keep this money?

– There is no client who went to court and demanded money from us yet in any case and we evaluated that we are on our feet if that happened.

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But only time until you distribute it to other customers?

– We have evaluated that it is safe enough by us. If there is a lawsuit we lose, we have to get it out of our own pockets as the money was used.

The $45 million win in June 2007 was a record – but only for a few weeks, as it was beaten at the beginning of June in Halmstad of the same year. picture: Ulf Kelleson/ATG/Press Photo

Funds have already been distributed from similar events. Among other things I got V75 winning customers will receive SEK 14.9 million retroactively for participation in 2020 Barely a year after the current tour in Orebro in the spring of 2019. The reason, then, was a specific case linked to Malta.

– Then we had occasional events where we pushed money into individual groups, but then it was much smaller amounts.

Predictions for Saturday’s round are that one winner could get SEK 75 million, which means the potential for the V75’s biggest ever win is there.

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