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Man at sea in the Baltic Sea – an extensive search on the high seas

The marine rescue team received an alert about the presence of a man at sea.

A rescue operation is currently underway in a large area on the Baltic Sea.

– We are asking all boats in the area to pay attention, says Christer Eckeroth, assistant rescue captain at Sjöräddningen.

A rescue operation is currently underway in a large area there Baltic Sea After alarm if at sea.

According to Sjöräddningen, they are looking for the person at sea in the South Jutland region all the way to Landsort outside Nynäshamn in the province of Stockholm.

The alert came at 10.52.

– We’re working on it now. It’s a very large search area, so we have a Coast Guard aircraft and a Swedish Maritime Administration helicopter for search, says Krister Ekkeroth, assistant rescue chief at Sjöräddningen.

A boat from Sjöräddningen was also used in the search.

According to the Swedish Maritime Administration, this is still a suspected incident.

– We’re not entirely sure that someone fell overboard. The ship has arrived in Nynashamn and the police are on site and will search the ship. Hopefully we can find the man on board, says Jonas Franzen, TT’s Swedish Maritime Administration interlocutor.

When the ferry reached Nynashamn, the police showed up. Passengers leaving the ferry were checked and police spoke to the man’s acquaintances. The police are searching the ship with the staff.

The alarm came from a merchant ship after discovering the disappearance of a crew member. At the moment, it is not clear if anyone saw the person falling into the water.

According to the Naval and Air Rescue Center, the man was last seen at 3 pm yesterday.

According to TT, the missing man is a man in his 50s, who was seen on the Polish ferry Nova Star, which was in Hoburgen on Gotland on its way to Nynäshamn from Gdansk. His company reported him missing.

– The ship has been able to move a long distance in the meantime so it’s quite a large area to search. Now, fortunately, it’s still warm in the water, but unfortunately I don’t think the chance of finding the person is very high, says Martin Martini of the Coast Guard Command Center Gothenburg to TT.

TT wrote that the man was drunk when he was last seen. The Swedish Maritime Administration has deployed a helicopter and the Maritime Rescue Association is also involved with a ship.

– We are asking all boats in the area to keep an eye on, says Christer Eckeroth.

The phrase Nova Star.