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Make your Samsung mobile phone look like iPhone

Make your Samsung mobile phone look like iPhone

New with Android 14

Do you find it seamless when you get a quick panel with one swipe and notifications with another? It is also available on Samsung mobile phones.

On iPhone, you get notifications if you swipe from the top-left corner of the screen, and a quick panel if you swipe from the top-right corner. Some Android manufacturers have chosen to adopt it, and now Samsung does too, although the option is turned off by default. In the Samsung version, you also get the usual status bar as well as notifications if you swipe from anywhere other than the top right corner. To turn on the feature, go to the status bar settings by tapping the pen icon when the status bar is fully pulled to the bottom. Select Quick Access in Quick Settings to turn on the feature. If you use the iPhone a lot, you probably appreciate the ability to make the UI more similar and it may be practical to be able to pull down the entire status bar with one swipe, but it can also be confusing to have different things happen depending on where you swipe. Samsung lets you choose for yourself here.

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