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Maja Askak takes JVM gold in three steps

Maja Askak jumped home with a JVM gold in three steps with a 13.75 jump.

At the same time, she joins an exclusive gang that has only won the Swedish JVM Gold for the last nine years by Manto Dublandis.

Sweden, the first team to win double JVM gold at the same championship, still has a historic first chance.

– Oh really? And then we have to target it now, says Maja with Sport Plate.

It was a dramatic three-step final, where Maja took the lead with 13.63, but there Spaniard Tessie Epocel crossed the same distance in the fifth round.

Before the sixth and final, Maja Askak took the lead with a superb second tab.

But when the Spaniards landed at 13.05, the gold was ready and Maja increased to 13.75 in his last jump.

But Tallinn did not have the same excitement she had when she picked up JEM gold earlier this summer.

– No, I did what I needed to do, not anymore. It’s a little frustrating when I think there’s so much inside of me, but I can’t really take it out, she says.

It is clear that I am very excited about a JVM gold, which is where it counts in a championship. But it seems I still know. I should at least be happy to have raised my minimum. That’s a good thing.

It is now the third match within 24 hours of the three-stage final. He qualified for the three-level final on Thursday afternoon, qualified for the Friday morning long jump and jumped three hours after the three-hour final.

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– Yes, it was a hectic day and I did not have time to get the perfect lunch between the length qualifying and the three-level finish. But now I can rest a day before the long end, he says.

Can you make history as the first to win two medals in the same JVM?

– I don’t know. But we have to target it, she concludes.

Eighteen-year-old Swedish athlete from Eskilstuna is no doubt the star shot of the year.

He entered the season with a personal outdoor record of 13.42 triple jump and 6.02 length.

Now he has jumped into the world elite among the world juniors in both categories.

While countries like the United States, Great Britain and Germany have chosen to stay home, it can be said that this year JVM was cut unusually.

But Maja has nothing to apologize for.

The only person before her in the world statistics with 14.05 was Cuba Leonis Perez who crossed 14.53 this year, but was forced to say no to JVM due to injury.

Maja is also at the top of the rankings ahead of the long final, if you count the 6.80 he made on a slightly stronger waltz when he picked up JEM gold at Tallinn earlier this summer. He crossed the second length with 6.39 in the qualifiers, where Indian Shali Singh was just one centimeter ahead.

Now she too is retiring for two days before the final decision is made on Sunday. Since he is the first Swede to take double JVM gold at the same championship, he has a historic opportunity. Just like she did at JEM.

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Yes, the question is what path will take for Maja sag in the future.

The qualifying range for the big WC in Eugene next summer is 6.82 in the long jump and 14.32 in the three jumps.

She was already there, sniffing.

Maja Åsag.