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Macron does not let the Prime Minister go

Macron does not let the Prime Minister go

Republican leader Christian Jacob, Marine Le Pen of the far-right National Assembly and other party leaders will meet Macron in the next few days as he tries to find a way to win majority support in the National Assembly. If the president does not succeed, it will be difficult to implement the reforms he has planned for his second term, including welfare reforms and raising the retirement age.

‘stick to mission’

According to the president’s office, Prime Minister Elizabeth Born offered to resign after the election failed, but Macron was said to have refused. Even if she stays in office, it is likely that after the election a government reshuffle will eventually approach.

Macron believes the government needs to “stick to the job” and will now seek “constructive solutions” to the political impasse, says one of his unnamed employees.

The goal is to “build solutions to serve the French,” according to the president’s office.

You are Melenchon

Olivier Faure, the leader of the PS and Fabien Roussel, who leads the old Communist Party of China – both part of the left-wing Nupes coalition – will meet with Macron. Talks with left-wing leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon are not yet scheduled.

Emmanuel Macron’s coalition together still holds the most seats in the National Assembly after Sunday’s election, but lacks dozens of seats for a majority. Instead, Mélenchon and Le Pen made great strides.