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Lux Light Art Festival looks different this year - with record number of works

Lux Light Art Festival looks different this year – with record number of works

January 5-9, 2022, it’s time again: Lux returns to Helsinki.

Many of the works that didn’t have time to see the light of day – or rather the darkness of the evening – will be shown during last year’s canceled Lux ​​Festival this year. So this year’s edition of the festival has a record number of works to display.

Expectations are high. We are now preparing for two years for something we would normally prepare for a year, says coordinator and lighting planner Larry Suminen who coordinated most of the program during the festival.

In previous years, the Light Art Festival consisted of a standardized track and occasional scattered artwork called “satellites”. This year, two groups called Lux1 and Lux2 were created.

This year it consists of about 30 works divided into two groups: Lux1 around the Djurgårds region and Lux2 from the center to eastern and northern Helsinki.

The 2022 program is coordinated by Larry Sumenen, Elka Paloniemi, Kristina Daving, Petra Martinez, the Finnish Association of Light Arts FLASH, and Juha Ruhikowski.

Juha Rohikowski is the new head coach of Lux Helsinki. He will be responsible for the exhibition curator in the coming years.

Lux announced in a press release that the festival takes into account current government recommendations regarding the coronavirus pandemic.

Lux1 consists of ten works in Tölö, Berghäll and Böle, among others. One of the works is the aurora borealis created with laser technology over the Olympic Stadium, by Swiss artist Dan Asher.

It is useless to think that you have time to see everything in the same evening. Suominen says Lux1 is a good evening programme, but I will book two or three evenings to have time to see all the action.

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Lux2 in turn consists of scattered works in about 20 regions: on the map you can see that one is in Gamlas, three in the eastern center, one in the North Sea and one in Malm. Gary Forinance Composition favor It can be found on Hanaholmen. The work shows a pile of coal that may give way to a new city.

Climate crisis as a common denominator

Suominen says climate is a recurring theme during the festival, although it was not included in the planning.

Several of this year’s artists commented on climate change and how our planet is working now. It’s not a conscious choice, but I respect the artists’ desire to raise such an important issue.

As in previous years, the festival is free, with the exception of four works on display at Högholmen where admission is included in the normal entrance fee to the zoo. For each annual ticket and visit, one euro is donated to work to protect the snow leopard. The money raised goes to the Snow Leopard Trust.

Altus elephant The sound structure is interesting and fits well with Högholmen. There are four acoustic installations where he imitates the song of birds with his vocalization.

Lux writes in a press release that the festival has received more than half a million visitors in recent years.