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Lotta O: The world from a blind mole's point of view

Lotta O: The world from a blind mole’s point of view

Suddenly I became blind as a mole. Or well, maybe not really, but at least the outside world is starting to get pretty blurry. He didn’t do much, because I could still read books as usual and that’s the main thing anyway. Instead, I felt like I was going into childhood, as at the time when I had not yet received the glasses and never understood how others could orient themselves with the help of road signs.

But now I’m grown up and after a while I feel anxious. It was as troublesome as that winter fifteen years ago when cataracts slowly spread like the Sargasso Sea over the eyes. He shouldn’t be able to come back after that, but there are plenty of other eye diseases.

I became more and more anxious, And I thought more and more about how the visit to the eye specialist would turn out. Admittedly, I know diseases don’t usually get better if you avoid checking yourself, but are irreversibly worse. But the demon of procrastination entered me.

It became difficult to reverse the car. One day it became very difficult.

Age, age, I thought gloomily. Now I won’t be allowed to drive anymore.

Although the acquaintance was sniffing in unison, surprisingly many had at one point scratched another car in a parking lot.

In the end, I broke down brave and booked an appointment with the optometrist, and that’s probably where you should start anyway. The night before I went there, I put my glasses away, at which point they disappeared without a trace. Sarbon and I carefully searched my 51 square meter space, but the glasses were and remained missing.

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Then I brought one Extra pairs of box are rarely used, and I was given a surprised exclamation. Life appeared in an explanatory light, much more than it did with old glasses. I also found them disguised with reading glasses, and they were in Sarbon’s book. We have a lot of glasses.

Can you wear glasses? Did you see a lot? I went full of questions to my optometrist, who kindly explained to me that you might not have to put your eyeglasses on for eight years, which I apparently did. Then they actually become obsolete.

However, there was not much wrong with the eyes. Snoop, I came home and came up with something else to worry about.

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