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Looks like a victory for Boris Johnson

The Prime Minister’s Promise: Implement Brexit on January 31

Boris Johnson and the Conservative Party won a majority in the British elections.

The result is called an earthquake.

– We will implement Brexit before January 31, he said in his victory speech.

It has been described as the most important choice of a generation in United kingdom. Prime Minister Boris Johnson I stuck to the same message throughout the campaign: “Get Brexit” (roughly: Get Brexit done now).

This strategy has paid off.

The poll, conducted on Thursday 23rd, gave the Conservative Party a dream result with 368 of the 650 seats in the British House of Commons, with a majority of their own. Instead, the Social Democratic Labor Party took a cold shower with just 191 seats.

When the BBC updated its poll on Friday morning, it had a slightly lower majority for the Conservatives – 357 seats for the Conservatives versus 201 for Labour.

At 06 Swedish time, the election victory was a reality. Then the Conservative Party won 326 seats – a prerequisite for a majority in Parliament.

Just over two hours later, Boris Johnson gave his victory speech and then promised Brexit before January of next year.

– We did it! He shouted on stage to the cheers of the audience.

In his speech, he highlighted in particular the voters who fled the Labor Party.

Maybe you plan to go back to work next time. If so, I am humbled that you trust me, party. We will never take you for granted, Johnson says.

The Promise: Britain will leave the European Union on January 31

Earlier, Boris Johnson expressed his gratitude in a very happy email to party members.

“I hope you enjoy tonight’s celebration,” he wrote, and continued:

“You ran this campaign. We can’t complete it without you.”

By all accounts, Boris Johnson will now take Britain out of the European Union – and soon.

Goran von Sydow, an expert on British politics, tells TT that Labor election results are rarely bad.

You have to go back to the early 1980s to see a similarly bad result for the Labor Party.

Corbyn: ‘Huge disappointment’

There are many signs that Labor has lost ground – previously heavy industrial areas in central and northern England, parts of the country that have been positive about Brexit.

Jeremy Corbyn first commented on the election Friday morning during a visit to his constituency in Islington, London.

“Obviously this is a huge disappointment for the party,” he said after thanking his supporters and loved ones.

Corbyn went on to say that during the election campaign, the party highlighted a “message of hope”.

But Brexit has polarized the debate to the point that much of the ordinary political debate has been ignored.

Then he made it clear that in due course he intends to step down from the presidency of the party. before the next election. But he intends to stay during a period of “reflection and discussion”.

Corbyn resigns

Earlier in the night, several voices within the party demanded the resignation of the Labor leader.

Gareth Snell of Stoke-on-Trent is one of several Labor politicians who looks set to lose his seat in Parliament. When asked by reporters if he thought Jeremy Corbyn should take responsibility for the poor outcome, he answered “yes,” he wrote to Reuters.

Former Labor Secretary Alan Johnson calls Corbyn a “disaster”.

“Everyone knew Corbyn couldn’t get the working class out of a paper bag,” he told The Mirror.

And Ian Murray, the only Scottish-based Labor member, wants Corbyn to resign.

– He was the problem, says Murray, according to the Guardian, and continues:

Either we listen to the audience or we lose. We didn’t listen and we lost.

Leuven: “It’s boring, of course.”

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (Q) has described the election result as “very clear”, and makes clear that Britain’s separation from the European Union can begin now.

– I think it is sad, of course, but we must respect it, and now it is important to take advantage of it, he told TT after the EU summit in Brussels.

EU leaders will discuss the status of Brexit during the ongoing summit on Friday.

– Everyone notices the clear result and can understand that the work now begins with the new relationship, Stefan Löfven tells TT.

Swedish EU Minister Hans Dahlgren laments Brexit, but at the same time believes the outcome could enable both the UK and the EU to move forward.

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“Now we finally have the opportunity to start discussing the new relationship with the UK, negotiating fisheries agreements and security arrangements,” he told reporters immediately at the EU summit in Brussels.