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En man i kostym står framför en blå vägg och tittar snett förbi kameran.

Liberals demand complete moratorium on independent religious schools – Nyheter (ECOT)

The government wants to put an end to the establishment of new schools with a sectarian focus from 2024, and the existing independent religious schools will not be able to expand their activities. However, it is doubtful that Education Minister Lena Axelson Kellblum will have time to introduce a bill before the election.

This is so far It was also the position of the liberals – but party leader Johan Persson recently said in the newspaper Dagen that he, for his part, wants to ban independent communal schools altogether, within the Swedish school system – and now the party council has endorsed that line.

– We pretty much agree on this.

So this is not enough Johann Persson believes that with the suspension of the new denominational independent schools, but the existing independent religious schools should be closed in an orderly manner in the next semester. The liberal leadership assesses that it is compatible with international agreements signed by Sweden.

– This has nothing to do with religious freedom.

The Liberal Party leadership proposes allowing schools with special features for minorities.

– This means that national minorities in Sweden, Finns, and Jews can have the right to run schools under the protection of their own minorities. It is important to preserve it, says Johann Persson, so these schools are not covered by this.

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