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Lex Maria: Delayed diagnosis of appendicitis

Lex Maria: Delayed diagnosis of appendicitis

The younger patient had symptoms that were interpreted as abdominal adenocarcinoma. This delayed the diagnosis of appendicitis and extended the patient's length of stay.

A younger patient in the county sought urgent care because of abdominal pain. After sampling and ultrasound examination, the complaints were judged to be due to abdominal adenocarcinoma and the patient was sent home with pain medication.

The symptoms intensified, and the patient developed a fever and an increase in infection samples. After two more ER visits, a new x-ray was performed which showed appendicitis and clump. The patient was admitted to the hospital and treated with intravenous antibiotics. She was then discharged from the hospital after being treated with antibiotics in tablet form, and follow-up visits showed her recovery.

A little less than a month later, the patient's condition deteriorated again. The appendix was surgically removed and the collection was drained. The diagnosis of appendicitis is common, especially in young people, and should always be suspected in the case of abdominal pain. Late diagnosis led to a prolonged period of care and IVO was reported for review according to lex Maria.


The Västerbotten district investigated the case and put in place measures to reduce the risk of its recurrence. The matter was subsequently reported to the Welfare and Welfare Inspectorate for review in accordance with Maria's Law.

Lex Maria is a law that imposes certain obligations on the region as a health care provider. If a patient in the healthcare system suffers or is at risk of serious injury or illness, this must be reported to the Healthcare Inspectorate. The purpose of the law is to ensure safe, good-quality care. One way to enhance care is to learn from the mistakes that are made.

The events that trigger reporting also have public interest. Therefore, the Västerbotten Region also sends a press release in connection with the notification.

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