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Lev Bagrutsky warns against making a hasty decision on NATO

Lev Bagrutsky believes, it is important that NATO's decision be well thought out,
Lev Bagrutsky believes, it is important that NATO’s decision be well thought out,

The debate over whether NATO is disconnected, the Social Democrat Lev Bagrutsky believes.

In his view, it was not particularly clear what requirements Article 5 would impose on Sweden.

– I was also not convinced by the argument that just because it is urgent for Finland we should hold on, says Bagrutsky.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and threats against Sweden You changed the game plan. According to several opinion polls, the majority of Swedes want Sweden to join the defense alliance NATO. if Democratic Socialists He changes his foot and says yes, there is a large majority in the Riksdag.

But some hesitate. Lev Bagrutskywho has been tasked with several heavy ministerial tasks, warns that the process is proceeding too quickly and the debate is very poor.

– I’ve been getting feedback online and people saying I don’t have access to important information and therefore should shut up. But like all party members and voters, I have a right to my opinion and I understand it.

“Minus of NATO Membership”

Bagrutsky, who has not yet set foot, believes that the decision is the largest since Sweden’s entry into the European Union after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

NATO membership reduces the possibility of sending Swedish recruits to Turkey’s borders with Syria, Iraq and Iran. An additional advantage of NATO membership is that the attacker risks the confrontation of the United States and the whole of Europe against him. It deters, says Lev Bagrutsky.

Thus, it is about Article 5 – the principle that an attack on a member state is considered an attack on all NATO countries.

– Bagrutsky says that the balance between the security provided by NATO membership and the obligations required of Sweden is an aspect that needs to be properly clarified.

Many outfit in the box

The pace is high in this process. The Social Democrats have promised to leave a message by May 24. For Finland, membership is a matter of time.

– I don’t see that it will take weeks, until you are attacked by Russia. I listened to the arguments but they didn’t impress me. With such big and important things, Bagrutsky says, I think you should take the time.

In addition, Bagrutsky believes that not all the uniforms and military experts that appeared in the discussion were given the right balance.

People who think we should join NATO all their lives are on TV in one form or another every day and it obviously gives a very consistent picture. No wonder public opinion reacts and membership in NATO is seen as crucial.