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Leuven: Historic mistake in case of EU shutdown

Leuven: Historic mistake in case of EU shutdown

Prime Minister Stefan Lofven worries about the consequences if the European Union, in its quest for greater independence, distances itself from the outside world. On the one hand, we will lose financially, and on the other hand, we will build tensions between the major players in the world for which future generations will suffer,” Lofven said ahead of this week’s EU summit.

Top political leaders of the European Union will meet Tuesday evening in Slovenia to discuss the Union’s role in the world during an informal dinner. This comes against the background of the US withdrawal from Afghanistan, security cooperation “Okos”, and the development of relations with China.

– We are facing challenges that require Europe to defend its interests and values. Therefore, it is good that we now discuss how the European Union relates to developments in the world and how we can secure our global influence, as Prime Minister Stefan Lofven (S) said when he anchored the Swedish line at the EU Commission in the Riksdag on Tuesday morning. .

Some countries, led by France, are pushing for so-called “strategic autonomy” in which EU countries must together reduce their dependence on the outside world in a number of areas such as defence, medicine, technology and energy. Sweden and other countries are skeptical and worried that this may lead to protectionism and closed doors to the outside world.

Strategic autonomy must be open, otherwise a historical error will be made. On the one hand, we will lose financially, and on the other hand, we will build the tensions between the major players in the world that future generations will suffer from, said Lofven, who admitted that the European Union must also be strengthened to stand up to the world. Competition.

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Leuven stressed the importance of transatlantic cooperation and called for this to be updated.

The European Union and the United States need to develop the transatlantic link. Perhaps this is one of the most important tasks ahead of us, said Lovin.

The Leuven line was supported by a majority of the EU Commission members. The Left Party and the Green Party emphasized the importance of Sweden’s freedom in the alliance.

Western Balkan leaders meet

The next day, Wednesday, the heads of state and government of the European Union invited the leaders of the countries of the Western Balkans – six countries that wish to join the European Union. From the EU’s point of view, the goal is not least to show that there is a long-term commitment in the region, despite the fact that membership negotiations with countries are slow at best.

Deep cooperation benefits us all. Stefan Lofven said that when the European Union is not present, other powers take up this space.

And Jessica Roswal considered a moderate that Sweden should play a leading role in this work.

Sweden should be a driving force in the EU circle for a European commitment in the Western Balkans with a clear perspective on reform and membership. If the EU turns its back on the Western Balkans, Roswell said, there is a significant risk that countries like China and Russia will strengthen their positions.

Markus Fischl of the Swedish Democrats saw “some cooperation” with the countries of the Western Balkans as necessary, above all to protect Sweden’s security and strategic interests. According to Fischel, the European Union should help stabilize the region.

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On the other hand, we do not see it as normal for these countries to become full members [i EU]Fishel said.