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Legal special forces chase the assets of oligarchy

Legal special forces chase the assets of oligarchy

In Italy, the spectacular ship “A” was captured over the weekend, sailing by an architect who is said to be worth SEK 5.5 billion. Another top-notch luxury hunt in the same country is about “Lady M”, which is owned by the oligarchy and TUI main owner Alexei Mortashov. The 65-meter boat was seized by authorities in northern Italy a week ago. According to the news agency Reuters.

Ownership of this type of property can be confusing. Most of the most popular hunts have been registered in tax havens or countries that are “corporate friendly” and lack transparency to the authorities of other countries.

According to “A”, Italian authorities believe that the ship could be connected by Russian steel billionaire Andrei Melnichenko through a Russian company in the island nation of Bermuda. Italy’s Minister of Economic Affairs and Finance Daniel Franco said last week that more than seven billion kroner worth of extra boats and villas had been confiscated in Italy.

In many cases, they have been seized by the Italian financial police. In many countries, special task forces have been set up to look into the assets of oligarchy.

For example, in the United States, A working group of the Ministry of Justice has been working on the news that President Joe Biden has repeatedly said that the assets of Russian millionaires should be hunted down and confiscated. Task Force KleptoCapture.

Alizer Usmanov’s boat “Tilbar” has been closed at the dockyard in Hamburg since the fall of 2021.

Photo: Odd Anderson / AFP

The team is led by Andrew Adams – a federal lawyer with extensive experience working against corruption. He is described in the American media as a senior member of the judiciary who has succeeded in chasing down Russian organized crime and seizing illegal assets.

Under him, he specializes in more lawyers, agents, analysts and from the ministry. The panel will investigate the prosecution of luxury boats, violations of sanctions and attempts to undermine restrictions on Russian banks and financial institutions.

Group – This should be a filler In addition to the Atlantic Ocean, which is joined by the EU, USA, UK and Canada – will also focus on efforts to circumvent US sanctions or use cryptocurrency to clean up money.

In Germany, after the introduction of sanctions, it was announced that the oligarchy had captured Alisher Usmanov’s super boat “Tilbar” at a shipyard in Hamburg. However, German officials denied the allegations, but said they did not want to leave the port where the boat was located.

Now the Germans have followed in the footsteps of the United States and formed their own “task force”, writes German Deutsche Welle. Deutsche Welle writes that the reason for setting up the task force under the Ministry of Finance was that there were no suitable tools for seizures in Germany.

UK To own It imposed sanctions on many people to increase pressure on Russia. Including Roman Abramovich, the owner of football club Chelsea, and Oleg Deribaska, a key player in the Russell team that includes the Swedish Kubikenborg aluminum.

“Supporters of Putin’s brutal attack on Ukraine should not be a haven,” British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said in a statement following the release of the sanctions list.

According to the Fortune site, the group of 80 people in the Foreign Ministry working on sanctions has tripled in the past two weeks.

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