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Left 4 Dead was ‘so broken no one wanted to touch it’

Left 4 Dead was ‘so broken no one wanted to touch it’

Reasons for the existence of a standalone Left 4 Dead 2 game.

left 4 dead It was released in 2008, and already in 2009 we got it Left 4 dead 2. It was a different time for Valve back then, when we got two games in the same series within a year. However, from time to time, some anger has been directed at Valve for abandoning it so quickly left 4 dead Instead of supporting him. However, there was one reason: the first left 4 dead where “So broken that no one wants to touch it.”. That’s according to Valve legend Chet Faliszek. L says Game developer That the game was more broken than people thought.

I don’t think outsiders can understand how broken the Left 4 Dead engine is. Each map was loaded two or three times in the background.

An attempt to solve the problem ended with the player characters randomly disappearing. Valve preferred not to interfere left 4 deadWhich in itself causes ripples on the water. Instead of releasing the content as DLC or updates (which would make sense in many ways), they chose to create a second content. Valve also didn’t see the possibility of supporting long-range modding for the first time left 4 dead.

In the end, we can say that it went well Left 4 dead 2.

Valve then kept the reasons for the surprising second place to themselves. Faliszek simply did not want to downplay the toil the entire team endured, preferring to let the fans direct their anger at him.

When people make sacrifices to finish a game, you don’t really want to say there are problems with that game… and to show my appreciation, I’d rather see someone mad at me for thinking it was my idea.