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The success of Göran Kronwall’s book of proverbs “Tänkvärt”

The success of Göran Kronwall’s book of proverbs “Tänkvärt”

A glimpse into working life Joran Kronwall from Sandviken, known for his business development and training efforts, has taken a step into the author’s world with his first book “Tänkvärt”. The book, a collection of inspirational sayings, was an instant success and the first edition sold out almost completely.

Joran has been overwhelmed by the positive reception and is now open to the possibility of printing another edition early next year if interest continues to be as high.
– I am very happy and grateful. The reception has exceeded all my expectations. I had hoped it would be suitable as a meaningful corporate Christmas gift, and now there are only a small edition left. It is enough for some small companies or organizations or if someone wants to have individual copies. If we receive any larger orders, I will consider printing another edition early next year.

“Tänkvärt” is not just a book, it is the result of many years of Göran’s involvement in mental training and behavioral psychology. His passion for understanding how ideas influence our lives has led to this collection of quotes that have served as his personal and professional support over the years.

The unique collection gives the reader the opportunity to reflect on different aspects of life and find new perspectives and motivations for dealing with challenges. Goran’s belief in the power of these words grew during his illness, as the proverbs became a source of strength and healing.

With its content of wise words and life wisdom, “Tänkvärt” makes an excellent gift for co-workers, friends and business acquaintances. The book provides a basis for discussion and reflection, making it a valuable resource in professional and personal contexts.

Goran hopes that his book will be an important resource for anyone looking for guidance and inspiration in their life.
“I hope Thinkable can help many people who find themselves in situations where they need to reflect and find the strength to move forward,” says Goran. I have had an absolutely fantastic response from many who have read the book, which has made me very happy.

With optimism and faith in the future, Goran Kronwall looks forward to people like him continuing to impact the lives of readers.
– So, even if it’s a little darker now, the sun will shine tomorrow too, says Goran.

It will undoubtedly be interesting to see if the high demand justifies a second release of “Tänkvärt”.

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About Joran Kronwall
Goran Kronwall is an experienced business developer, coach and author with a passion for personal development and leadership. With an impressive career in the corporate world, Goran shares his knowledge and vision to help others achieve their goals and maximize their potential. “Thinkable” is his latest project and is a collection of inspirational quotes meant to guide readers toward a more meaningful and reflective existence.