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Larsky 'Babsan' Wilhelmson rushed to hospital: 'Shock'

Larsky ‘Babsan’ Wilhelmson rushed to hospital: ‘Shock’

When Lars-Ake “Bapsan” Wilhelmsson fell ill after a fall at home, he called an ambulance.

On his way to the hospital, the star was told that he had tested positive for covid-19 despite having received a dual vaccine.

“Almost fainted when the pain was indescribable,” he wrote on Instagram.

Two days ago, Larsky “Bapsan” Wilhelmson shared the good news.

Then he performed his last performance of “Glada Änkan” at Nöjesteatern in Malmö.

On his Instagram, he then wrote about mixed feelings about getting on stage for the last time at this particular performance.

“Today… Mixed feelings. The last performance of Glada Unkan at the Nöjesteatern in Malmö.. Now we worked, laughed, cried and had great moments with both the band and the wonderful audience who came and watched our wonderful set of classic operettas. What nice new friends here in Skåne” , then wrote in a post.

I fell hard on the bathroom floor

But shortly after the last performance, the star did really poorly.

The star wrote on Instagram how he suddenly collapsed on the bathroom floor at home on Wednesday morning.

The fall caused huge losses and the star fell really badly.

This morning I collapsed on the bathroom floor after herniated disc and lower leg. He nearly passed out when the pain was indescribable. I called an ambulance and before they came I fainted again,” he writes.

The difficult message in the ambulance

On the way to the ambulance, Lars-ke was also on top due to covid-19 and when the result came, he couldn’t believe his ears.

He tested positive for covid-19 despite having received a dual vaccine.

“And on the way to the ambulance, they tried the test. And so the man says. “You are positive!” You have Covid! But on the way in the test for Covid, it is positive!!”, he writes and concludes:

“So now I’m in the emergency room in Gavle and I’ve had a sedative for my leg pain…but in the Covid department. That’s shocking!! Covid and I who met the whole group this weekend, Nia and Hussey, Ola and Ando, ​​Anton (he had) and he was Just a little hoarse and had minor coughing fits. Shame I didn’t expect that,” he wrote.

In the comments field, there are many who send compliments, and they hope that the star will feel much better soon.

“Oh, send lots of hugs!” artist Nanny Gronval writes.

“But the nicest man on you! And don’t feel guilty then. It doesn’t just make you healthier. It doesn’t just make you worse. Thank you for your ‘luck’ because your herniated disc is damaged, so take a look at Covid. And think about what we both learned through you. We may not know That we have it, and therefore it is very important to follow the recommendations of who is the mask, the distance, etc. regardless of the vaccine or not. Thank you for this reminder, even if you struggled hard to “wake up.” You are now under control in the hospital and can recover with all Way possible and that’s great! Get healthy and strong again now. A big hug,” Malin Berghagen wrote.

“But you! Get dressed!!!”, writes Martin Millen.

Dress up as Lars-Ake “Bapsan” Wilhelmson. Hope you feel much better soon! All our strength embraces you!

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