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L on Twitter: Have you been to the UK - check it out for yourself

L on Twitter: Have you been to the UK – check it out for yourself

The Liberals’ Twitter message was released Sunday evening: “Everyone who has been in the UK recently should isolate themselves and wait for tests to ensure our internal security.” It has a link to with the request “Order test here”.

The news has received reactions on Twitter.

”You 1. becomes an extra flat case 1. Find your own recommendations 2. It does not work in practice. (See asymptomatic entry to test 1177) “, writes Modilda Lundblatt, a doctor for the Swedish national football team, among others.

Liberals health policy spokeswoman Lina Nordkist said the background was a political move, but the Twitter message was misrepresented.

– We would like to see a recommendation like this from the Public Health Agency, but the author must have misunderstood it. We have no authority and we should not publish recommendations. I will contact the Department of Communications. This would be wrong, she tells Dagens Medicine.

The party wants the public health agency to insist that travelers from the UK isolate themselves to prevent the contagious variant of SARS-Cove-2 from entering Sweden.

According to information available at, only those with symptoms or part of an infection monitor should be tested. You may skip the PCR test for at least 24 hours after symptoms appear. At the beginning of the disease, there is more virus in the body “, which is

Lina Nordkist says passengers’ calls to order tests would be wrong.

– 1177 should not be called overloaded. This is the wrong situation.

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At lunchtime today, a new tweet was written, which read: “Liberals want to see new recommendations, that is, those who go to the UK should be kept in self-isolation”. The new tweet does not have a link to order tests.

However, there is the original message.