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Konami cancels Pro Evolution Soccer when eFootball becomes free

Konami cancels Pro Evolution Soccer when eFootball becomes free

The spherical winds of change are blowing strong.

Pro Evolution SoccerThe name has been canceled, as is the case with the Japanese eleventh victory. The last two football matches of Konami were hot eFootball PES 2020 And the eFootball PES 2021. Autumn title is called only eFootballAnd it became a free game. It was revealed with the first trailer.

Football has been rebuilt إعادة “Fully in Unreal Engine”It will be released this fall for Playstation, Xbox consoles, and PC formats. iOS and Android versions will follow.

Of course, free to play doesn’t mean everything is free, which you probably know. The content and game modes that are released after that will cost money in some cases. The game won’t get a physical release either, so there won’t be anything to shelve, Konami says in the press release.

As a digital-only title, Konami will be adding new content and game modes regularly after its launch this fall. In the future, certain game modes will be sold as optional DLC, giving players the freedom to configure an experience that follows their interests.

Some plans have already been revealed, with the game’s first roadmap. Then it is called eFotball Nor eFotball 2022 It could indicate that Konami is investing in maintaining this in the future.

eFootball’s first plans are for tournaments and support for mobile controls.

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