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Klarna gets scrutinized after IT crash: ‘Of course it will cooperate’

On May 27 this year, Klarna experienced an IT crash, which meant that customer information was visible to other users for a limited time. The company claimed that only “non-sensitive personal data” was shown, but it still takes what happened seriously.

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So did Finansinspektionen, which has now launched an investigation into whether Klarna breached bank secrecy. Appears in a press release.

Bank secrecy is a central part of banks’ operations. Bank customers must know that their information is secure and that banks have a key mission to always protect the privacy of their customers, according to the FI.

The investigation will be conducted as part of an investigation that has already begun, in which the FI will take a closer look at Klarna’s information security.

Klarna’s performance TT That the company takes the integrity of its customers “seriously”.

We therefore welcome the Finansinspektionen investigation and will of course cooperate fully with them, the company’s press director Niklas Gelstrom wrote in an email to the news agency.

The current IT meltdown must have lasted about half an hour. According to Klarna, customers in the European Union and the United Kingdom were mainly affected.

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