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Kim Jong Un’s Famine Recipe: Eat Black Swans

The hungry want to eat the rare bird

The people of North Korea are starving.

Then Kim Jong-un greets:

Eat black swans.

need in North Korea It is very difficult for China and Russia to put pressure on the United Nations to ease the sanctions imposed on the country.

Previously, it was said that the inhabitants were encouraged to raise rabbits and arrange fermentation in the rice fields. Recently, the authorities emphasized how healthy and healthy eating black swan meat is.

This is part of the creative solution being served by the hungry authorities, according to the country’s state television.

Many newspapers in the country claim that tail meat is a valuable source of nutrition and point not only to the nutritional value, a complete source of protein – but also to the meat’s cancer-stopping properties.

Black swans are rare and beautiful in appearance. Their meat is delicious and has a medicinal effect. North Korea’s Rodong Sinmun newspaper wrote last week that the foundation has been laid for industrial-scale education to actively contribute to improving people’s living conditions.

Black pelicans usually live in the wild in southwest and southeast Australia. Due to their extreme rarity, black swans have become a symbol of social status, but they have also been associated with evil. The black swan is considered the tool of the devil – like most black animals, writes the South China Morning Post.

Kim Jong-un.

A rare black swan in New Zealand.