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Kellfri began collaborating with Kalle & Brita Zackari Wahlström

Kellfri began collaborating with Kalle & Brita Zackari Wahlström

Kellfri with Kalle Zackari Wahlström and Brita Zackari, who are known on television, among others, started a collaboration where both parties would like to help more people to be able to live and run businesses in the country.

Our motto is “easy to use”, and through this collaboration it is possible to see how our products actually contribute to making this live rural, says Andreas Bjelkholm, Marketing Director, Kellfri.

On TV and on the Instagram account “kalleochbritagrejar”, Kalle and Brita’s daily life on the farm is reflected in an entertaining and informative way. Small-scale, sustainable farming is close to the heart of Kilvery.

– We watched a video where Callie tried to lift logs on an old forest wagon, and we asked him if he needed help, says Andreas on first contact.

Kali realized that it was difficult to run a farm using only old and worn tools. That it is possible to save on the body, make work more efficient and get closer to the dream of self-sufficiency.

The right tools make a difference

Through the collaboration, Kalle and Brita get tools and tips and have already seen what the right gear can mean.

– There was a big difference. Before the tractor arrived, I had researched and saved a lot of jobs. Then it came, and I did all those jobs in 45 minutes. Honestly, this is like advertising, but this tractor is absolutely perfect for me. Callie Zachary Wahlstrom says I use it for just about everything.

Kali also mentions that it’s not possible to keep up with everything on the farm without the right tools. This is where Kilfrey comes into the game, to support Kaley in his work toward achieving self-sufficiency.

Want to open up opportunities?

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Many want to move to the countryside, a trend bolstered by the growing awareness of sustainability and the pandemic. This is one of the reasons why many people follow, say, Kalle’s and Brita’s Instagram account.

With the new collaboration, Kellfri gets a chance to emerge, not only among people already living in the country but also in a partially new target group: among those who are still dreaming and planning to get out. Kellfri wants more people to have the opportunity to live in the country and is the obvious choice for businesses to turn to for products and advice, for farms small and large alike. In addition, Kellfri has very affordable products, which are welcome when you want to make several investments at once.

In many ways, Kale and Britta embody the typical customers of Kellfri with their small farm where they have animal husbandry, some farms and some forests.

– Cali and Britta have a strong personal brand with love and passion for country life. And they inspire their followers to do the same. Andreas says I am positively amazed at their ability to reflect life in the country, with all its advantages and of course the challenges as well.

Over the next few months, Kalle and Britta will be showing off on their Instagram account “kalleochbritagrejar” how Kellfri products are making their everyday lives on the farm easier. Kellfri also publishes Film Report from Kalle Farm in connection with this press release.

Andreas Belholm

marketing manager
[email protected]

Kellfri is the complete supplier of affordable products with Swedish construction, for all types of farming. By controlling the entire chain, from the idea to the final product, it provides the opportunity for more people to run the business in the country. Founded in 1952, the company has a turnover of around SEK 260 million and today has 70 committed employees. Headquartered in Skara, Sweden. Sales are also available in Norway, Finland, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Poland and Germany. Kellfri AB is part of the Salix Group, a trade group and business district within Volati. Volati is listed on the Nasdaq Stockholm stock exchange. More information and contact information is available at:

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