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Karl Hedin makes his World Cup debut at the Gothenburg Horse Show 2024 – where he takes on the European Championship silver medalist

Karl Hedin makes his World Cup debut at the Gothenburg Horse Show 2024 – where he takes on the European Championship silver medalist

He has been riding international dressage and Grand Prix since 2015. He has enchanted the equestrian world with his powerful black stallion Skyline to B. He is very popular among those who follow his daily equestrian life. He now faces the biggest task of his career yet – the FEI Dressage World Cup.

– Sometimes you have to be brave. You never know how many opportunities you will get to compete in these contexts. Long hours of training behind it. Now it's about taking that responsibility, taking on the role, going to Scandinavia and enjoying the experience, says Karl Hedden.

And the debut takes place in a place that, like so many other places, has a very special place in the heart.

– It's as if my entire childhood relationship with horse riding happened there. I sat in the stands and saw Jan Brink, Briar, Lucan, Walk on Top, Ten and Anton. They are all great memories. I can't believe this is now my role and Phil's.

Along with World Cup horse Van der Veen, or “Phil” as he is called, Karl Hedin has an established three-star standing at international level. Now the next task awaits.

“I think it's better for development to be a small fish in a big pond than a big fish in a small pond,” Carl says with a laugh. I also trust Phil 100%, he walks through fire for me. One of his strongest points is that he is very confident in new environments.
That's also what I'll focus more on when we're on site, which is that my horse gets good competition experience.

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In addition to fellow Swedes such as Maria von Essen, Nathalie Oldfors, Mads Hindelewicz and Emma Johnson, Karl Hedin will compete with the silver medalist in a special Grand Prix race at the European Championships in Riesenbeek 2023; Danish Nana Skodborg Merald and Blue Horse Spitter.

-Just one thing, great fun. Carl says the only way to become the best is to meet those who are better now.

– It is a pleasure to welcome Nanna Skodborg Merrald here to Gothenburg, despite her young age, she already has incredible experience with many years in the national team and with her many championship medals. We are really looking forward to seeing our future Swedish riders meet such a global star,” says Thomas Torgersen, Competition Director at the Gothenburg Horse Show.

Karl Hedin is also bringing his teammate and close friend with him for his first World Cup appearance. Emma Johnson and Carl share the stables and daily equestrian sports on the farm in Saro.

– It is of course a wish, very luxurious. Somewhere you feel so lonely when the time comes that it's safe to warm up next to the same person you ride next to every morning. Just being able to play and vent and have that person with you. It will of course also be a guarantee that our horses know each other.

– We can walk in Scandinavia together, we live very close, joked Karl Hedin.

The FEI Dressage World Cup at the Gothenburg Horse Show 2024 begins on Friday 23 February with the Grand Prix qualifying class at 1.30pm. Corinne's result determines the World Cup round in Gothenburg, which takes place on Saturday 24 February at 17:00. Karl Hedin is ready.

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– I will enjoy the experiences and experience riding in front of a well-known audience in Scandinavia, this will be a lot of fun! Karl says.

Riders at the Gothenburg World Cup Dressage Horse Show 2024:

Maria von Essen, Sweden, invoice
Natalie Oldfors, Sweden, Miki M
Mads Hindlewitz, Sweden, signed Q
Emma Johnson, Sweden, Girion
Karl Hedin, Sweden, Van der Veen

Nana Skodborg Merald, Denmark, Blue Horse Spitter
Alexa Fairchild, Belgium, Hermès Mala Scala
Domaine Michels, Belgium, Intermezzo van het Meerdaalhof
Yvonne Osterholm, Finland, Ironman H
Dirk Jan van de Water, Netherlands, Grandville in Hexagon
Zoistra Fruits, Holland, and H. Weiss of the Hexagon team
Borja Carrascosa, Spain, Sir Hubert NRW