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Karin Bose: KVA could have been faster than Glenn Hyson

Karin Bose: KVA could have been faster than Glenn Hyson

All praise to these celebrities. Their professional background and expertise are in completely different areas like music, dogs and football, but they absorb information and use their position responsibly in public view.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, KVA, made a strong announcement this week on the climate issue. On Tuesday, they sounded Two climate scientists share half the Nobel Prize in physics.

This is the first time that the issue of climate has been highlighted in the context of the Nobel Prize in Science. (Another story is that the 1995 Chemistry Prize was awarded to Paul Grutson, Mario Molina and Sherwood Roland for describing how the human emissions affect the ozone hole in the atmosphere.)

Definitely good The current physics team and current members are finally using their great influence.

But as a company I think KVA will be faster than Glenn Hyson.

Maria Gunther, the current science teacher at DN, writes in her article on Tuesday that Klaus Hasselmann and Ciugro Manabe receive the semi-Nobel Prize for research published from the 1960s to the 1980s. That was forty years ago.

In the early 1960s, chiuro manabe developed a value for so-called climate sensitivity – that is, if the content of carbon dioxide were twice as large – the average temperature of the earth would rise – 2.3 degrees Celsius. It is slightly lower than 2.5-4 degrees The UN climate group IPCC says in its latest report.

Manabe also showed up Atmospheric warming shows a pattern (closer to Earth and cooler altitude) that corresponds only to human emissions of greenhouse gases and not to natural influences such as sunspots.

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Klaus Hazelman further developed climate models in the 1970s. His and others’ research was very good, even at that time the models could very accurately predict today’s measured average temperature.

There were those within the KVA who were fully aware of this. Bert Pollin, our own pioneer who confirmed the establishment of the IPCC Climate Commission by the UN.

Other members slowed growth.

As a result, KVA is not there when the department really needs it.

When I took office As a science teacher at the Dickens Nyheter in 1997, it is considered an open question in Sweden whether human emissions of greenhouse gases are actually warming the earth and whether it is a problem in taking it seriously.

I tried to learn this subject and received great help from science academies and scientific societies. National Academy of Sciences in the United States and the Royal Society in the United Kingdom, and AAAS in the United States and the British Association in the United Kingdom.

In the late 1990s, reports and summaries of knowledge came from such international organizations that could not be misunderstood.

However, not from KVA. Their relationship to climate has been very vague since the late 1990s.

IPCC Gallery Since 2001 It was clear that the climate models were correct and that human emissions had already raised the average temperature of the Earth. That was twenty years ago.

Maybe it is The climate problem required a new generation to infiltrate the KVA. As research Natural contacts Released this week for those born before 1960 causing financial loss in the Paris Agreement.

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International voices are being raised Other scientists like NASA’s James Hanson should also be rewarded. He was not only a pioneer in model research, but also a concept leader and a very active pure climate activist.

Is KVA too controversial …? No, not even today, when Glenn Hyson was on the train too.

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