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Kaley Berglund straight out: 'Overtraining and mental illness'

Kaley Berglund straight out: ‘Overtraining and mental illness’

Early on, Kaley Berglund ended up second behind the group in his hot 1,500m test at the Tokyo Olympics.

With 800m remaining, Kale Berglund was forced to give up.

The weak Berglund ended up far behind the other runners and when the bell rang on the last lap, Berglund was far from the group.

Twelve in the goal

In the end, Kaley Berglund was the 12th runner. He needed to be in the top six or have a good time to advance to the semi-finals.

Berglund led in 3.49.43, over 13 seconds behind winner Jake Heyward, Great Britain, who won in 3.36.14.

Overtraining and mental illness

Kaley Berglund came to the Olympics in Tokyo after a tough season, when he broke three of four races.

– The body has not worked all summer. I hoped and thought he could turn around, but he didn’t. It is caused by a combination of overtraining and mental illness. I didn’t feel better this year. The mindset also affects the body, says Kaley Berglund on the Discovery+ podcast.

He has a Swedish record

Kale Berglund holds the Swedish record of 1,500m to 3.33.70 at the World Athletics Championships in Doha 2019.

Four in the Berglund heat, and thus to the semi-finals, was the Norwegian running 20-year-old Jacob Ingbrigtsen.

The Norwegian ran at 3.36.49.

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