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Julia Kronlid (SD) becomes the second deputy speaker of Parliament

Julia Kronlid (SD) becomes the second deputy speaker of Parliament

After many and long votes, the entire speaker’s office in the new Swedish parliament has now been voted on.

The biggest drama was during the vote for the second deputy speaker of the House – Julia Kronlid (SD) was finally elected.

– She says I’m so very proud.

On Monday evening, members of the spokesperson’s office were fully voted on in the newly elected Swedish Parliament.

Andreas Norlin (M) elected President, Kenneth J Forslund (S) Senior Vice President, Julia Kronlid (SD) to the second deputy speaker and Kirsten Lundgren (C) to the third deputy speaker.

It wasn’t without drama that Julia Kronlid (SD) was elected second vice-speaker of the House of Representatives. Kronlid has been nominated by the moderates, the Swedish Democrats, the Liberals and the Christian Democrats.

– It’s a great day. I am very happy for the support and it is a great support, she said at the press meeting in the Swedish Parliament.

Voting was the second attempt today. Then 347 of the 349 members of Parliament participated.

Crown cap: great honor

Kronlid received 174 votes, which was enough for an SD member to finally secure the position of second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives.

– It feels very, very big. I am very honored to receive the trust I received. I take it very seriously and hope to make a lasting impression.

In the first vote, Julia Kronlid received 173 votes. It was not enough because a majority vote in the House of Representatives was required.

Right-wing parties won 176 seats in the Swedish parliament. Three votes were absent from the right-wing parties in the first round and two in the second.

“We agreed”

Julia Kronlid does not want to comment on the fact that some members of the right-wing bloc may be against the party line.

– I don’t want to comment on it, it’s a closed vote and you have to respect it and we don’t know who voted differently, you say.

When asked what he says about the right-wing bloc unit, she answers:

– I think we are very coordinated. We have agreed to nominate Andreas Norlin as Chairman and I as Second Vice-Chair for the positions of the Committee.

She says she is now looking forward to taking on her new job.

Many believed that Bjorn Soder would be presented as a candidate. Aftonbladet’s Lena Daoud asks why she thinks it’s you.

– I have great respect for Bjorn Soder, he has been a friend of mine for several years. Why was it me, I don’t know. I have good relationships across party lines and love to build relationships and I think other parties might have seen that.

47 members voted for Janine Alm Erickson, the Green Party candidate, while 126 members voted purely.

Lundgren (C) was elected after three votes

The Riksdag had to vote for the position of third vice-chairman three times before Kristen Lundgren (centre) was elected.

None of the nominated candidates obtained a majority of votes in the first and second ballots, which is required to be elected to the position. In the third ballot, it is sufficient to obtain the largest number of votes to be elected.

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Both President Andreas Norlin and Vice President Kenneth G. Forslund (S) were elected to their positions as President under undramatic forms.