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Judgment against Hyundai's ad: False

Judgment against Hyundai’s ad: False

Hyundai is forced Remove advertising for the Nexus hydrogen car in the UK after the British equivalent Advertising Standards Commission ruled that it was misleading, on par with the advertising ombudsman. The Writes motor research.

Nexo said in the ad that “a car is so amazingly clean, it cleans the air at speed”. The ASA believes this report is incorrect because the car, even if it does not emit any exhaust fumes, causes air pollution as a result of wear from the tires and brakes.

Hyundai faced The fuel cell in the car needs clean air to operate, so it has a filter that removes 97 percent of the dust and gases that pass through it, including sulfur and nitrogen oxides.

Although the car does not remove pollutants from its own tires and brakes, they believe that the air drawn in the car filters contains such particles and contaminants from other cars.

ASA proudly chose To judge that advertising is misleading, particles from the car are still released into the air and do not need to be filtered. They also point out that particles from tires and brakes are a significant cause of air pollution from vehicles.

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