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Johnson in fresh breeze after leak: "Bring your own alcohol"

Johnson in fresh breeze after leak: “Bring your own alcohol”

The new leak, which includes emails from Johnson’s secretary, says a large number of people were invited to a party at the prime minister’s residence in May 2020. At the invitation, guests were asked to “bring their own wine.” The party, the news agency AB reported. According to the English TV channel ITV Must have emailed more than 100 people.

According to reports in the British media, Johnson should have attended the party as well, although he had previously stated that he had never violated the rules on social exclusion.

On the same day, the government reminded the public of a press conference and then reminded them of the strict restrictions used, including that residents were only allowed to meet one person outside their home.

Criticisms from many quarters

The latest information about the parties is one of a series of parties and social events recently reported by the British media. In the past, the government and Boris Johnson have received criticism for Christmas parties and quiz nights held in violation of restrictions.

– How can he lead the country in these difficult times and make people follow health advice if he himself blatantly violates the rules? According to the AP, Ed Miliband, a former Labor leader at the BBC, asks.

Political opponents, conservative politicians, and Newspapers suitable for Tory, Publicly criticized Johnson’s actions.

To be investigated

On Tuesday, Boris Johnson’s Minister of State, Michael Ellis, apologized without comment on whether the allegations were true when asked in Parliament.

“I once again apologize for the outrage caused by these allegations,” Michael Ellis said.

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At the same time, Ellis said he has no plans to force Boris Johnson to resign.

An internal investigation, which previously examined information about violations of the regulations, will examine new information about the email.

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Check out the Christmas party video that led to Boris Johnson’s former adviser being forced to resign. Photo: Reuters / AB / ITV