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Storbritanniens premiärminister Boris Johnson.

Johnson calls for the resignation of the Swedish chancellor – Nyheter (ECOTE)

Mats Pearson, 41, was one of the closest confidants of retired Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid at the British Treasury. Among other things, he actively worked with parts of the budget proposal that Javid had submitted on March 11.

Among other things, Pearson was with and The new budget rules introduced by Javid earlier, which, according to the Treasury, would enable both major public investment, which, in addition to Brexit, which was Boris Johnson’s most important election promise, and a responsible budget policy.

Pearson was previously also one of former Prime Minister David Cameron’s closest advisers on EU issues, among other things.

But Ekot has now received confirmation that Mats Persson was one of several close aides to the now resigned finance minister who was forced to quit his job after Javid resigned yesterday.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson wanted that Javid would continue as Treasury but demanded, according to Goode himself, that his group of closest employees, including Pearson, would be replaced by people appointed by government offices instead.

Something Javed did not accept.

“No self-respecting minister can accept such terms, so my best option is to resign,” Javid told British media last night.

39-year-old Rishi Sunak has now been replaced Javid as Finance Minister. Most political analysts here in the UK described today’s resignation as a power struggle between government offices and the Treasury. Prime Minister Boris Johnson and his closest adviser Dominic Cummings wanted to strengthen the grip on post-Brexit economic policy in order to increase public investment.

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Mats Persson was also the 2017 Swedish Radio Summer Host and then spoke, among other things, about his experiences in British politics.