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Johansson on new Premier League: "extremely skeptical"

Johansson on new Premier League: “extremely skeptical”

The plan is to gather the world’s biggest clubs and players to play against each other throughout the season, something that has been billed as a direct competitor to the Champions League.

Currently, twelve clubs from Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom are jointly planning to establish the Premier League, and more clubs will be added, According to a statement.

Marcus Johansson finds it difficult to see the concept in practice.

‘Very skeptical’

I am very skeptical that it will be managed by the clubs belonging to the competition, so to speak, he says and continues:

There are 15 clubs who want to put themselves above all others and to stand up and control the entire football world in one way or another. How should income be distributed in terms of solidarity if you read their press release.

Johansson believes the new league could lead to more gaps in the sport.

It must be remembered that these clubs are run by their owners and that there is a great profit in them. I find it very difficult to see how it will benefit the fans around the world who are still building football. It is the interest and passion for sports, competition, and the struggle of the little child against the big player. The opportunities that make football create interest. The larger the trade gap and the larger the gap for supporters, the more difficult it is to generate interest. I don’t believe in this kind of elitist thinking at all, he says.

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“Way to negotiate”

Do you think that the new league will get rid of it?

– I’m very hesitant about it. I think this is a way to negotiate to attract more revenue, for example, the Champions League.

The plan is for clubs in the new league to play parallel to matches in their domestic leagues.

Both FIFA and UEFA sharply criticized the scheme and threatened, among other things, to suspend players from national team matches.

There will be real discussion about this and there will be a lot of anger, says Marcus Johansson.

The twelve clubs participating so far are Milan, Arsenal, Atletico Madrid, Chelsea, Barcelona, ​​Inter, Juventus, Liverpool, Manchester City, Manchester United, Real Madrid and Tottenham.