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Joe Biden meets Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle

Joe Biden meets Queen Elizabeth at Windsor Castle

Queen Elizabeth has not met a world leader since her husband, Prince Philip, passed away in April. Not really since the epidemic started a year ago.

But now the time has come. British King Joe Biden welcomes to Windsor Castle. On his first foreign trip since becoming president, Joe Biden is attending the G7 summit in the UK and Cornwall. The visit begins with a meeting between the President and Prime Minister Boris Johnson and ends on June 13 with the Queen’s visit.

Thus, Joe Biden becomes the thirteenth sitting president to meet the Queen. He last met Donald and Melania Trump in 2019 at Buckingham Palace. He had already met the Trump couple once, in Windsor, a year ago.

Trump was criticized

Trump was criticized on a number of issues during his first meeting with Queen Elizabeth. He arrived late for the meeting, forcing the then 92-year-old king to wait a quarter of an hour at 27 degrees. When he and Melania got there, they shook hands with her – instead of bowing or nodding as many people think you should do. Trump’s representative Obama did not bow to the Queen during his visit. Trump took a stand on the Brexit talks during his visit and drew attention with his statement about his most official feud with London mayor Sadiq Khan – and what he called the “worst” Duchess Megan.

Joe Biden and Queen Elizabeth have never met before, but the Biden couple have met Prince Harry several times. They have also met Prince Charles before, and it is speculated that they will meet the heir to the throne again during their voyage to Britain.

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