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Job stats determine when the Fed can reduce asset purchases

Job stats determine when the Fed can reduce asset purchases

Fredrik Tiilikka, Account Manager at CHG-MERIDIAN.

With the right partner and financing solution for IT equipment, companies can reduce their costs, reduce workload, and increase their security while becoming part of sustainable lifecycle management. CHG-MERIDIAN proves this on a daily basis with its complete solutions tailored to efficient technology management that it offers to more than 12,000 customers.

Many of our customers have previously faced significant challenges in managing their IT equipment in an efficient manner. Together with the financing, we were able to offer them a customized solution that facilitates management while reducing their workload and becomes part of a circular solution, explains Frederic Tillica, Account Manager at CHG-MERIDIAN.

CHG-MERIDIAN helps its customers manage technical equipment throughout its life cycle. It is a flexible solution where you can easily replace, add or extend the rental period of equipment.

We help plan, implement and receive technology when you don’t need it. We then ensure that the products get a second life before they are recycled, thus ensuring resale value to the customer, continues Fredrik Tiilikka.

Join the creation of tomorrow’s sustainable workplace

Thus, the CHG-MERIDIAN lifecycle model not only creates added value for the customer, but also makes a big difference to the environment.

With our extensive experience in reusing and reselling, we know what it takes to achieve good results, both for our customers and the environment. For those companies that want to work more actively for the environment, our newly launched carbonZERO financing solution is an alternative, in which the entire lifecycle of customer-financed IT equipment is completely carbon neutral, says Fredrik Telika.

It’s easy to switch to a rental solution with CHG-MERIDIAN

If you as a company already have an established relationship with one or more suppliers, it is still entirely possible to switch to a customized financing solution with CHG-MERIDIAN.

-Because we are completely independent of suppliers and banks, we can easily tailor our solutions completely to our customers’ needs. Thus the customer can choose which suppliers suit them best, and then we assemble everything at the same monthly cost. You don’t have to commit to a specific supplier, and you can easily add or replace equipment you no longer need, says Fredrik Telica.

CHG-MERIDIAN also offers ISO-certified secure data erasure, which meets information security requirements, so companies that handle a lot of data feel safe when they replace their devices.

We support our clients throughout the entire lifecycle, with everything from project planning to financing and delayed withdrawals through certified wipes and sustainable remarketing.

In this way, they can upgrade their IT equipment in a safe manner and at the best possible total cost, Frederic Telica concludes.


CHG-MERIDIAN helps clients reduce workload, reduce costs and risks by offering customized IT solutions along with financing. Their services focus on the entire artistic life cycle, with an emphasis on sustainability and the environment.

With a presence in 28 countries and 1,200 employees, it provides sustainable, rapid and integrated services worldwide.


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